Hello! I'm Haley Mai (pronounced like the month!) I'm a Photography graduate of Fanshawe College, I live and work out of Windsor Ontario and I'm a lover of all things donut. I have been shooting for almost 8 years now which has allowed me to dabble into all different genres of photography both in studio and on-location but if I had to place myself into a category, I would be considered a commercial portrait photographer. 
I love meeting and working with new people and enjoy shooting fashion/editorial, personal branding or headshots, model portfolio building, commercial or lifestyle food images, and fine art.

My style of photography is "Lifestyle Fashion" or "Lifestyle Portrait". What that means is, I strive to capture my subjects at their true moments of beauty with the art of everyday and real life, while at the same time adding the artistic twist with specific poses, layouts, and lighting to create a general mood. 

In my world, any time of day can be breakfast, donuts are my kryptonite, coffee is my fuel, and the gym is where I go to escape. I love to inspire and educate people, I'm very passionate about our environment and the lives it provides, and I deeply value my friends and family. I'm a big believer in energies and try to radiate as much positivity as humanly possible.

If you like what you're reading, fill out that contact form below because I would love to meet you and chat over coffee and treats! 


Distinguished Achievement Award for the photo titled "Stripped" at Fanshawe College 2015 Image Competition

Finalist with two images in two categories at Fanshawe College 2017 Image Competition

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