Sunday's at Sunset

Always struggling with how to start these posts I promise I'll get better at this part eventually!

I made the decision recently to not work my part-time job during the semester so that I could dedicate all of my time and attention to this semester of school because this is my last semester and I wanted to do as best I could. I could not be happier with the decision! I have been working different jobs since I turned sixteen and I can say that not having to worry about booking time off, working around my work/school schedule, and really focusing on my art is extremely refreshing! I haven't had this much free time to shoot and work on assignments since... well... EVER! So, with this weekend being my first weekend without having any plans, work, shoots, or assignments to worry about it only seemed fitting that I take some time to create.

Sunday rolled around, and my beautiful roommate and best friend Lauren had asked if I wanted to take a walk with her to enjoy the crisp, fresh air and sunlight so of course I said YES and decided to take my camera with me. Lauren has been so awesome with allowing me to take photos of her since we moved in together last May and her growth as a model thus far is amazing! I absolutely love that she takes a genuine interest in wanting to learn in order to better the images not only for her benefit, but for mine! 

So, enough of my story, let's get to what you're REALLY here for! THE PHOTOS!

Haley Mai