First Mini Session! (First Blog Post, too!)


First and foremost, I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post! I can never express enough how much it means to me! The fact that you are reading this means that I'm doing SOMETHING right! :)

Anyways, enough of the sappy stuff... This is my first blog post! Finally, right? Why did I never post blogs before? Well, I'm not totally sure. I guess I just never thought my work was the kind of work FOR blog posts. Y'know? But I figured what better time than now?! It's the new year, things are changing, and I want to keep giving you guys new things. Also, I love the idea of being able to share a little story with you so that you can really understand my work and get to know me better. So, here goes! 

I was making a trip to Windsor for the weekend (I currently live in London in case you didn't know) and knew I was going to have some free time, and I've also been itching to shoot something since I never really got the chance during the busy holiday, so I decided to post a little "Portrait Mini" promo! This one, in particular, was $80 for 45 minutes on-location and five fully retouched final photos... AND I LOVED IT. I only had enough time for one spot this weekend and booked it within the same hour I posted the promo! WOW! I would love to do some mini sessions over the next few months when I make trips to Windsor and I most likely will. Keep an eye out for those! 

Meet, Nicolle. The beautiful woman who contacted me so promptly after I posted my promo and absolutely KILLED it on our shoot! This little trooper stood out in the -10C morning weather for these, and despite the fact we couldn't feel our fingers or toes afterwards, we had an excellent time! I can't wait to do more sessions like this over the next couple months, and I also can't wait to do more posts like this for you lovelies! 

KEEP SCROLLING TO VIEW NICOLLES SESSION! (Click on a photo to enlarge)


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