Bright Lights Windsor

If you live in Windsor and haven't heard about Bright Lights, you must live under a rock! My friend, fellow photographer, and business partner Jessica of Jessica Ruxton Photography and myself had spent the evening photographing a Christmas party for a local business on December 9th and when we were done for the night we were driving making our way to drop off all the gear we had when we realized we were driving in the opposite direction we needed to go! We had a laugh and I suggested us checking out "Bright Lights" and taking some cute photos since we were in the area.

We arrived to Jackson Park and it was totally flooded with people walking and trying to find parking in the nearest streets. It was very cold this night and there were families walking all bundled up and carrying hot cocoa. What says winter and holiday cheer more than that?! Jessica and I were definitely NOT dressed for this occasion since it was totally on a whim but we managed!
We walked around the park with the crowds of people and admired the lights and all of the couples and families trying to get cute photos. Before we knew it we were offering to take photos for these people on their cell phones! Clearly we are in the right profession. 

We took photos of one another and froze our little butts off but now we can say that we went to this brand new event in our little city. I know there is a LOT of debate about it and whether or not our city should actually be spending the money on something else and how much of a waste of energy it is and while I'd rather not build an opinion on the matter, I think it was a great idea to get people and their loved ones together, even just for a short period of time to appreciate it all. The people responsible had to have put so much time and effort towards this and as someone who is in an almost permanent state of happiness, it was so refreshing to see others so happy while walking around the park! I hope everyone gets the chance to see Bright Lights Windsor and forgets about the stress that comes with the holidays, even if it's just for an hour.