Hamilton Adventures

Took a quick little road trip on Friday with my gorgeous friend and fellow photographer Maria Denomme to Hamilton to have a day of shooting. Any chance I get to spend with this lovely woman and shoot with her is always amazing! Such a kind, creative, beautiful soul!

When we got to the park, we weren't sure where the waterfall was so we decided to explore a little to try and find it, and after about 10 minutes we realized we were going in the opposite direction according to Google Maps. We turned around and followed maps and the sound of the waterfall, walking against the wind and snow. Since we had both done our makeup, hair and coordinated outfits for that day, by the time we got to the waterfall after walking around for approximately 30 minutes, our hair was flat, makeup was running, clothes were covered in snow and we were freezing our fingers off! Getting down this super steep hill just to be level with the waterfall was also quite challenging! We tried to get as close as we could but since everything was frozen over and we DEFINITELY didn't make the right shoe choice we were falling and slipping all over and we could not stop laughing! We probably spend a total of 20 minutes actually shooting because our hands were so numb we could barely push the shutter button on our cameras!

Even though this was one of the most challenging shoots I've done to date, it was definitely one of the most fun. We had a blast shooting and just driving and talking about conspiracies, food, and updating each other on our lives and I can't wait to collaborate with this woman again!

Haley Mai