You DONUT want to miss this post!

If you live in Windsor Essex county and haven’t already heard of PlantJoy, you’ve been missing out on one of the best small business around!

Jordynne is the owner and creator of PlantJoy which is vegan, yeast-risen fair trade, organic, handmade, glorious donuts. They are hands-down my favourite sweet treat available in Windsor.

I found out about Jordynne in 2018 just a couple months into her new business and was instantly hooked. I reached out to her offering photos of her little donuts in exchange for some of my own for a birthday party and since then I have had the pleasure of creating for her a couple more times and I’m so happy to call her a friend. Before creating this latest set of images you’ll see below, Jordynne and I sat down together and discussed where we should take these photos next.

My task was to find Jordynnes style and create something both she and myself loved and that she could proudly use on her website. With a quick influx in customers just months into her business, she needed quality images that showcased what she could create and offer. I took to Pinterest and created a mood board that had a variety of styled donut images of which we narrowed down to a very bright, clean, aesthetic with pops of colour and detail. After discussing her needs, wants, and style for what would be her newest photos we scheduled a date for the studio.

As I mentioned, Jordynnes business idea blew up in the city, and quickly. She started with the idea of wanting to create vegan sweet treats simply because she wanted to eat vegan donuts, to strictly focusing on her donuts and fulfilling large orders for weddings and events as well as attending so many markets on weekends. Since last year, she has been voted as Windsors “Best Vegan Dessert”, been awarded a grant, received a donation from another local small business, and had gained over 3700 followers on Instagram. This woman started with no business experience and just an idea, and has turned it into a fulfilling and sustainable career for herself. Needless to say, she is incredible. I asked Jordynne what is one piece of advice she would give to any new small business owner that she wishes she’d known when she started and here’s what she said:

“Keep accurate records! Keep all of your receipts in file folders categorized by month, and enter them into an expenses spreadsheet with columns for type of receipt (groceries, supplies, etc.). Also have a spreadsheet or some other means of tracking your sales. It will be a huge help to have all of this information from the beginning!”

I’m so happy with how these photos turned out and I’m so excited to see what we might do next! I’m thoroughly enjoying this new creative journey of food photography and the incredible business owners I have the pleasure of working with/for.

SORRY NOT SORRY if this post made you hungry, that just means we did our jobs correctly ;)