For quite some time now, I had been thinking of how I could reach those who really enjoyed my content and wanted to see it when it was posted so they may never miss a thing. I also wanted to be able to easily let you know about promotions, updates, events, etc. and of course an email list popped into my mind but I thought “Hmm, is this something people would actually enjoy? Would this make it easier for my followers to view and get inspired by my content?”. After taking a look at my own email inbox, I realized I myself had been subscribed to many email lists of people who’s content I valued and wanted to keep up to date with. So, that brings me here, to you. I want to give you the opportunity and the choice to subscribe to my mailing list so you can stay updated on everything I do here.

You follow me for a reason, to see my content. I would hate for you to miss out on something that could potentially spark something in you to create, push forward, move on, or any of those other inspiring things! If you so choose, I’d love to have you in my little email community. 💕