So I wanted to make this page a little bit different this time! I wanted to share a little something with you about this set and about everything that led up to it and why it's called "True Disaster". This set was inspired by Tove Lo's new album called "Lady Wood" (yes, I know, quite the name but the album is amazing) and particularly a song in the album titled "True Disaster". I had been listening to the album non-stop since it had come out on October 28th and couldn't help but acknowledge the different feelings that I was experiencing whilst listening and jamming out to every single song. I was listening to it on the bus, in the hallways of my college, on my way to work, while editing and actually put it on while doing this shoot for some better vibes and to really set the mood. I know that it seems like such a cheesy title when you see the images, so I felt like I should give a bit of backstory to help you truly understand my intention of this collection. Please give the song a listen below and you'll understand why.
Special thank you to Shay and Sarah Santos for being such gorgeous and fun models, and Johnny Bushell (@jyogi.b) for being my trusty sidekick/partner in crime

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